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Follower – Following concept – one user can follow another user. This helps users to create their own groups and discuss their financial concerns themselves. so investors get ideas more efficient than individual.

Refer users – members can also refer each other to other members. that is depend on the financial service providers should maintain the good leading and should give good advices to the connected users.

Messaging – This messaging involves both post and reply. members can send messages to each other using tools within the site privately.


Server Side Language: Ruby on rails


A project financing structure involves a number of  investors and service providers. It is an online sharing platform for investors where they can share and view the advises and information. Also a lead generation platform for financial advisers where they can advise investors online.

Investors use it to obtain and share content in order to make better investment decisions. Financial service providers use it to generate leads.

Financial bloggers and content providers use it to generate new readers, that may be used to increase the followers or users. Revenues are based on ads and premium service subscription , that would depend on positive ratings of investors.

It Support IE 7, IE8, Firefox 3, Chrome 4, Safari 4 User can sign up or login via other websites including Twitter , Facebook and other networks.

The user can invite contacts from his social network sites when he uses one of the social networks to login or sign up, and when he selects the invite social network link. As well as he can increase the users  who can share their advises and their queries, drop comments regarding financial services. Users can even create their own group for improving their sites.

Reply – Users can post their comments and also reply on comments posted by others. that would be done by either users or followers. anybody can comment or reply the advice.

Likes – Users can mark comments that they like. Total likes and their comments and views  for particular post are displayed. anybody can like the post of the financial service provider.

Statistics – Google Analytics is set up for every page to track the usage .user can view external feeds.

It is useful as Users get financial advice from experts User able to take proper investment decisions. so then ,they can share their user’s experience to their friends or colleagues. User can access other users easily through the messaging section. Statistics inform user about their status on the site.


The main concept behind the project is to provide people a platform where they can get better investment suggestions from finance experts. The main challenge was to not to make it a just another forum but a project financing and lead generation system with features similar to a social networking site.


We created a platform for investors and financial advisers where they can share views and investors can view the advises and information. Plus also works as a lead generation platform for financial advisers where they can give the advises to investors online.


The platform works successfully both as a social community and also a lead generation tool.

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