Knudger / Meals With A MissionPlatform to Raise Funds for your Project


KNUDGER: This website provides a platform to raise funds for your project. It provides user the facility to login through most popular social networking interface & get membership. It generates funds in minutes & gets paid for word of mouth.

It also supports “refer sponsor messages” & gets paid for each visit. It also checks warehouse of sponsor messages. It benefits the users through “Pay per Click” module for website visits. The website helps create social seeding & buzz and also help clubs raise funds.


Members can post links on their social networks to get clicks and to raise funds. The website also boasts of a sound fraud detection mechanism to detect fraud clicks from anonymous users or bots. One more interesting feature of the website is that admin can send the link via SMS to their group members.

Meals With A Mission is another project we did for Group payment.


It is about asking people to open up their networks, which are valuable to the club, to promote something that they are comfortable with to their own network. But this is quite a challenge to convince.


In the area of digital marketing you get a much more powerful reaction from a word-of-mouth recommendation rather than via a straightforward banner ad. With this website ee deliver referred website traffic, where advertisers also get the benefit of people chatting about a product or service on their social networks.


The idea behind Knudger was to help clubs, charities and not-for-profit associations fundraise by using social media and this was very well met.

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