Massage SchedulingCorporate appointment scheduling

Entire Process
  • Corporate clients create lead(s), to request for offering a massage event for their employees.
  • Admin check the details and create proposal, using various dynamic features and share via DocuSign.
  • Once he gets the proposal signed up, he could create multiple jobs for their therapists.
  • Therapists can search and apply for job(s) based on their region preferences.
  • Once the job gets the required number of therapists approved, admin can manage massage slots information and can share signup sheets.
  • Corporate employees can schedule their appointments if allowed online signup.
  • Therapists go and complete the job, mark the status complete requesting for their payment.
  • Admin can see all the jobs status on calendar and have UIs to display the calculated payment details.
Technology Used

OS: Linux & Windows
Server Side Language: PHP (CodeIgniter 2, Doctrine, PHPUnit)
Client Side Technology: Jquery (DataTables, Bootstrap, Jquery Calendar)
Architecture: MVC


Massage Scheduling application is basically designed to manage different – login/signups, jobs/events calendaring, online scheduling, appointments, payroll calculation, etc. for the – site-admins, therapists/masseurs, corporate company HR admins, employees, and others related.

Other Features

Job/events calendaring management system – This allows creating and managing different single/recurring jobs on different locations, following google calendaring functionality.


Managing employee welfare activities manually has always been a challenge for company’s and their HR’s. Using their legacy systems, some of their employees were either missing it or some were getting a chance to avail them a couple of times. They were not able to track the services accurately.


They needed an application having an appointment scheduling system where each appointment gets tracked till the end of the meeting and till the vendor is invoiced and paid of the service offered.


Using Google calendar as an appointment scheduler we created Massage Scheduling application which could manage different – login/signups, jobs/events calendaring, online scheduling, appointments and payroll calculation and it gave the client best results.

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