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This website is considered not only innovative but investigative as well. It is considered extremely helpful by all its users as it provides reliable and active information rapidly about the actual name and complete contact details of the phone or mobile number provided. The service is about hiring a real private investigator to do the real investigation for the contact to which the given unlisted number belongs.


The client is the highly secure state-licensed private investigative agency whose primary functioning thrives on active and live databases supported by researchers and analysts. The client has access to numerous databases which are generally not in the limits of public access or viewing.

To mine these databases to get the required information, the client has in place a large team of information experts and research specialists. This team is constantly supporting the organization through its search and information retrieval activities, especially with respect to the court house related documents. The databases are spread over 3000+ countries and 50+ nationwide state repositories.

The website developed by Laitkor helps the client’s research team in searching through the innumerable records from all the available databases. The service is not open to any third party deals for the sensitive data which is well protected and highly secure. Users get to utilize the ‘Opt-Out’ function which helps them to be omitted from all the future searches of the search website.


Client wanted a website which could enable its executive users to search for the details of any specific number quite easily from a the database exiting which were not open to public users..


We created the application where any search query fired would search in the databases allocated for the details.


The website served the client’s requirement well.

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