Open NMS/NBI SoftwareIntegrated with 2 Model of Device’s MIB




Integrated with 2 model of device’s MIB and provide following data in NMS Database:

  • Alarm or Fault module – includes Active Alarm list, Alarm status such as Acknowledge, Unacknowledged and close.
  • Topology module – includes individual topology link and top-level topology link. You get an overview of device grouping on topology map.
  • Inventory module – Device detail, for example, IP address, hostname, brand/model, operation status, interface and port.
  • Activation and Provisioning module – includes query, delete, enable, configure and shutdown the network device, interface, interface trunk, VLAN and port.
  • Performance module – includes device CPU, memory, availability, response time, Packet Loss, interface bandwidth and KPI thresholds.

Web based graphical user interface (GUI), includes access control (login), Alarm or Fault, Topology, Inventory, Activation and Provisioning, Performance and Reporting.

With the entire network at fault, the element closely communicates with the NMS to pass this information to the NOC engineer for awareness. Faulty in the network element is converted to alarm which consists of few hundred types and send to NMS.

There the NMS require translating and repackaging the information and convert it to XML format and send to OSS/BSS. Software is able to grab the alarms from the element via standard protocol of SNMPV2 and SNMPV3, depending on the element configuration.

NBI Software understands the alarm (SNMP TRAP Message) and store the information in the database before sending to upper OSS/BSS software. The Alarm message is divided into three categories in general:

  • Alarm query
  • Alarm acknowledgment and unacknowledgment
  • Alarm reporting

NBI Adapter collects the information of the element about the hardware information such as number of card, number of fiber module, number of control card and also the type of hardware available install on each of the element throughout the network.

NBI adapter is able to export the information to *.CSV files and allocates it at the Internal hard disk. NBI software has a provisioning or activation module, it is the way how OSS/BSS manages to create services from end to end through NBI and includes multiple vendor machines.

Provisioning involves real time command line configuring to the element, and in case there is any error, the NBI adapter forwards the message to OSS/BSS. NBI Adapter is able to receive and understand the “request” or “get” Command line from OSS/BSS and referring to the OID/MIB communicates with the element without delay.

For some command, there is no direct OID number matching for configuring the Command, therefore the NBI adapter software also have alternative work around, which use telnet protocol.

NBI Software is in compliance to MTOSI v2 and is able to convert the message to XML format using MTOSI v2 and forwards to OSS/BSS. It Collects the data from element using OID/MIBS and obtains the information directly from the element. It also supports both MIB v1 & MIB v2.

It supports Sun Solaris system (T5 series) as well. Web service URL for Device Brand A (Sandvine) and Device Brand B (H3C) allows OSS to get the specific device result, for example when OSS request Device Brand A’s actives Alarm and NBI adaptor returns device brand A actives alarm only. It supports number of devices up to 2000 units.


Was a new technology and we had less experience. No hardware access, with time bound access via Team Viewer.


OpenNMS Installation on Windows, Solaris 9, 10.

Showing Physical Interface for a Particular Node.

Automatic map creation


We have built the script which link nodes on the IP and link ID type basis. 

Onsite opportunities for the team and a successful deployment.

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