PledgupCloud Service which enables groups to raise fund using social networks


ASP.Net, SQL Server

Overview is a cloud service which enables groups (clubs, charities, societies, etc) to raise fund using their member’s social networks. For example: a school trying to build an extension, a club trying to fix their old bus (or buy a new one) or a group of friends trying to fundraise for a charity.


Each of these examples has one thing in common – a group of people who are passionate about a project’s success. allows these individuals to come together in a group and start receiving online donations for the project. The group admin can quickly setup a fund raising campaign. The group members can quickly grab their sponsorship page link and start receiving donations. And the best part is that everybody in the group can see their progress and the progress of other members.


The client needed a crowd funding platform, with a good transparency across the system.


We created the application where groups/communities could raise an objective and donations could be made by onlookers. Every community receiving funds can see other communities status and vice versa.


The client was happy with results and website helped a lot of communities crowd fund their objectives.

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