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The Touch Screen application is a menu cart.

Menu Types

(can add and edit menu)

A receipt will be printed out for each order processed by a customer. The receipt will have details which will include the following :

  • Order Id
  • Menu type
  • Other Thing Selected
  • Date /Time
  • Total Amount to pay

Each kiosk has an inbuilt printer, receipt size printer. Language is English.

  • The software works on a LAN network, meaning it should be able to work with or without internet connections.

User A who is the customer buy keys in items he want to purchase on his screen. On his screen is a touch screen computer(kiosk) which will only display items in the menu, it will show a menu cart where the customer can see and use the finger to select items in the menu and add to cart. The user/customer will see his order once he has selected all need and add to cart. Then a button for checkout and a receipt will be printed out with details of the order…the user/customer will then move to cashier with receipt to make payments and collect the items ordered.

User B who is the cashier will on his end see the order keyed in by the userA / customer on his screen (touch screen) he will see the order number and order details with total order amount to pay on his screen.

UserB / cashier will process the payment and the order will be processed immediately by userC / Production dept and handover to userA.

UserC / Production will also see on his screen the items ordered by UserA at the time of order…UserC end is a touch screen, and will display items ordered in the cart and order number, UserC / production will then process the item and sent to cashier asap to be given to userA, this process should be a maximum of 5-10 mins from the time of order by userA.

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