PosefinderWeb-based, Searchable Reference Tool of Anatomically Interrelated Yoga poses


The aim of the project was to create a web-based, searchable reference tool of anatomically interrelated Yoga poses and movements designed for yoga enthusiasts and health professionals such as Yoga Teachers.


Here is a list of prominent features of the application:-

a) Searchable reference tool of anatomically interrelated Yoga poses
b) Construction of a Yoga Sequence or treatment protocol
c) Unique, complex and proprietary classification based on contact surface set up and kinesiology of the major joints
d) Detailed classification for each pose


The application started off as a backend tool for yoga teachers where they can search on poses and the details. From there it moved to a tool for instructors to create there classes as per there requirement. Major challenge was to understand the business requirement as the domain was new and required detailed study on yoga.


We worked a lot on requirement understanding so that we were in sync with the client requirement. Application was scaled to a great extent from a simple backend database for yoga poses to a seamless tool for yoga instructers. We developed the tool on cake php , and used java scripts and jquery for front end features like drag and drop and more.


The result was creation of a unique web application which would cater to need of yoga instructors, and would be a niche tool for yoga instructors providing them with a knowledge sharing as well as social marketplace for them.

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