Product For Efficient Patient ManagementMedical Services Applicaton

  • Asp.Net
  • SQL Sever2008
  • External interfaces: 3D Cart (Shopping Cart)
  • Time Trade (Appointment Scheduling)
  • Free CRM (CRM)
  • Clinix MD–HL7 (Certified electronic medical report)
  • Authorize .Net (Payment gateway)
  • Zoho (CRM)

Laitkor’s healthcare team comprising the technology and healthcare domain experts have conceptualized and designed mainly three prime web applications and 7 schedulers that are specific to the Practices along with a single universal scheduler.

1. Patient management database system

This application works comfortable over multiple locations through online. It manages and maintains all the programs or functionalities of the patient. It promptly recognizes the location-specific data and links all the demographic data spread across multiple applications for use in real time. So, where ever the administrator, he can maintain the information which is in the database. The prime users of this application are the staff of the management system which includes the administrator and others who works in the practice.

The database system is the prime entry point for all the information of patient demographics as well as for managing key attributes like program expiration dates, patient participation and registrations for any of the patient functionalities. It can maintain all the data which mentioned above and other additional data.

2. Portal for all patients

All patients get secure access to self-service functions like appointment taking, request for second opinion, etc and also entire demographics of the patient. The portal is a great mechanism which provides the visibility to all the patients, and it has the information about both patient details that is related to critical clinical data and financial statements of the patient, including the insurance information etc. So the particular patient can view his own data with security.

3. Portal for all vendors

This portal functions as almost as a real time order management console for drop-shipping. It supports multiple drop-shippers and distribution centers. There is cross- communication between the two portals or distribution centers as real time communications. The patients would get the medicine which the patient orders through the vendor portal. It will be provided by the portal based on their status of the prescription. The integration hub propagates the patient demographic information to multiple applications that take care of the EMR, the financial management system, an internet shopping cart, self service appointment scheduling system, medical imaging and also a system to handle marketing and communications with prospective patients.

The billing function provides details of the submission of the billing details that could be either the insurance details or the employer for reimbursement and charges or any other expenses .This billing function also shows the details including the other operation or program charges which done by the patient .

Benefits from the product usage

The healthcare product for better patient management has been successful in achieving a higher satisfaction score from the patients, better accommodation for tech-savvy patients and in-turn higher profits for the practice. The synchronized patient demographic data has increased efficiency due to the doing away of duplicate data entry leading to minimization of the scope for mistakes in data entry.

Efficient operations, thereby have led to lowered staffing costs. The patient can see his data by himself, which helps to recognize all his personal data which enter into the database including the billing data etc.


Any application development pertaining to healthcare industry has always been very crucial in terms of data security considering all end users may it be patient, vendor or healthcare entity. Any glitch in the application can cost to all.


We had to create an application which complies with all medical security standards.


Laitkor provided very intuitive and easy to use, pen-and-paper-like interface for accurately capturing and documenting medical encounters and associated clinical information. By utilizing Health Level Seven [HL7] workflow and lab integration based, EHR we drastically reduced administrative time through the application maintaining all security standards.

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