Proposal Management SystemProposal Document Generator

  • Application is configured with OAuth functionality.
  • User needs to be logged in with his account otherwise the application will not be accessible and it will ask the user to log in.
  • OS: Windows
  • Server Side Language: Asp.Net
  • Client Side Technology: Javascript
  • Architecture: Single Page

This is a website which is used for generating a proposal document with the help of the data provided in a Google Spreadsheet. A user just needs to enter the data in the Google spreadsheet and open it with the proposal management system where he is offered a drop-down list top choose the option from selecting the sheet and the preferred format. Clicking the generate button required proposal gets downloaded.


Creating proposals has always been a cumbersome job and from development point of view automating this process is a challenge.


We created the application where data would be recorded in a spreadsheet with a required signin and then with the download button users can choose their best suitable format for the download file.


The application saves a lot of time for all those who create proposal and had been investing a lot of time in formatting.

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