Public Incentive Management SystemPIMS simplifies incentives by creating one central incentive clearing house


LAMP and CakePHP


This is a Public Incentive Management System, a real-time web based information management system designed to allow a company to reduce its costs and add revenues.

It is web based, uses cloud computing, has a dynamic subscription plan, can do complex calculations, create customized reports and allows easy integration. It also boasts of security encryption.

PIMS simplifies incentives by creating one central incentive clearing house. It is a real-time incentive tracking and analysis system for all kind of public incentives that a state or company receives. Job commitments are calculated using Current Head Count, New Job Commitment, Retained Job Commitment, Total Job Commitment, Hired Jobs, Jobs Remaining to be hired and Required Retention Time.


Capital Investment is calculated using the following numbers – Real Estate Property Amount, Real Property Type, Personal Property Amount, Personal Property Type, Land Amount and Land Type. Salary commitment is calculated by using rate of pay and actual wage paid.

  • Web Based: With login credentials one can log into the system and add the state details, company details, project details and incentive details into the system. Even report generation and document storage is web based, so user does not have to spend any extra on special hardware installations.
  • Document Storage: It is very effortless to store and recover documents from the system. Members can be allocated to/refrained from viewing documents. This centralized document storage system is located in the document library.
  • Complex Calculations: All calculations related to calculating job commitment, capital investment, payroll commitment, salary commitment, amortization, are easily handled with a click of a button and few entries in the forms.
  • Customizable Reports: Includes various reports like – Project Summary, Company Summary, Custom Incentive Report, State Summary Report, and Ad-Hoc Reporting. These reports are stored within the system, can be shared with specified members and can also be printed in PDF format.
  • Geo coding: Access geographic project information and associated account and incentives attached to each project.
  • Calendar: Milestones can be managed through integrated calendars. It generates computerized compliance notifications to ensure all incentives are up to date and in acquiescence.
  • Secured access: The system is highly customizable and provides secured access to data. The website is security enabled.

All the diagrams and every single change one makes are centrally accessible and manageable. It also allows the viewer to embed diagrams on any web page.

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