Q&A in Surveys: Effectory.comAdaptation of an Existing Flash questionnaire to HTML (5)


Questionnaire owner gets the preference to change the font of the questionnaire and its component so that it will match their own style. Questionnaire owner has the alternative to add explanatory text(s) to a subject so they can provide their respondents with some context information about the questions, which should help them in answering the questions accurately. Respondent can switch to the regular questionnaire while filling in the questionnaire so that they have the freedom of choice for filling out the survey.

Respondents will be notified if their results have been submitted successfully so they can be certain that they filled out the questionnaire correctly.

Respondents can send an email to the helpdesk in case they have questions about the questionnaire or encounter an error so that they can be assisted in filling out the questionnaire.Options are provided to configure the transition speed in animation, or animation speed. User can configure backgrounds per page/tab so that each page/tab can have a different (static) image.


C# / ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, CSS 2/3, SQL Server DB, RESTfull soap web-service, JSON


This project is an adaptation of an existing Flash questionnaire to HTML (5). The entire questionnaire project has been split up according to several business oriented functionalities. Tick-an-answer is the module to answer the questions in the questionnaire. User can select a static background for different surveys so that the questionnaire will match the company’s style.

The answers of the respondents are stored when submitted so that the results can be used in reports. Manual navigation is possible between the next and previous questions/subjects (using the arrows near the questions). Respondent is provided with a choice of which questionnaire he/she will be answering so that they can fill out the questionnaire they feel most contented with. First page of the questionnaire shows a friendly welcome message from the organization to motivate the respondents.

The respondent can jump from subject to subject using a tabbed navigation component to minimize frustration while browsing through the questionnaire, which in the end increases response and interest. Also, the respondent gets the option to see, within a subject, his/her progress (total questions, questions answered, questions unanswered) so they have a hint about the progress they have made with the current subject.

Respondent will be presented automatically with the next question upon answering a question, so that they don’t have to navigate to the next question manually. Respondent will be presented automatically with the next subject upon answering the last question within a subject, so that they don’t have to navigate to the next subject manually.

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