Q&A on Mobile Apps – JWToups iOS AppSync Client Side data with Server Database


Titanium 1.8 & 2.1 , Javescript , iOS Sdk:iOS 5.0


Jwtoups Project’s basic functionality was to sync Client Side data with Server Database. In the iOS app:

  • Form was hard-coded to capture user data input.
  • A .net web service is used to capture and store the data in a SQLServer database. Web-service created returned whole xml of questionnaire and further this was parsed at application level to fetch categories and its options.
  • The data is sent to the web service on a “form submit” and “sync” event.

Through this app user can fill the Inspection data and upload it to server. There are different forms which are hard coded and each form has different set of questionnaire with ability to answer and provide comment in form of text, image and audio files for each selected option. User after filling this questionnaire can also add their eSignature. Data entered by user is first saved in the device and further synced to the server when “sync” event is called. In case user tries to sync the data when there is no connectivity, then application keeps the log stored in the device and once it is connected through internet same is sent (back-end process)


Business requirement was to sync Client Side data with Server Database with Microsoft Sync Framework. We used Titanium framework (cross mobile platform) to develop iOS and Android App. One of the requirement of app was to have digital signature feature implemented. However, Titanium Framework 1.3 we used does not have the support for this feature.


To overcome same, we created a eSignature module in Native iOS and Android apps and integrated it as a plugin with rest of the code developed in Titanium.


Plugin integrated with rest of the code allowed eSignature feature for the app and worked seamlessly with rest of the code. At front end it matched with other view Screens.

Front end UI of Signature Module – https://www.screencast.com/t/TYEv9aWgXCu

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