SeegoalWeb-based Project Management Site

  • Ability to create an account and login.
  • Ability to create new goals, to-do lists and tasks.
  • Ability to set due dates.
  • Ability to invite team members to work on tasks.
  • Ability for members to upgrade their account.
  • Ability to filter goals and tasks by: Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, This Week and This Month.
  • Daily Recap email of updated Goals, To-Do’s and Tasks.
  • Notifications/alerts in user area.
  • Ability to hide completed tasks.
  • OS: Linux
  • Server Side Language: PHP
  • Client Side Technology: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP,) + Cake Framework, jQuery, JS, Ajax, Payment gateway – Paypal
  • Architecture: Single Page

SeeGoal is a web-based project management site where one can observe / organize all their goals and projects in one place and keep a track on “to do” tasks in an effective way. SeeGoal is especially designed to help one work with his / her team. You can easily invite members to your team and assign specific tasks to complete all your goals or projects more efficiently and effectively. It also allows members to leave comments under different tasks and even attach files.


As application required to be built in single page format with drag and drop features having inline add and edit items hence it made the page quite heavy by using jQuery throughout the project.


We optimized jQuery by writing code in such a manner that it deal with functionality events only when action is performed by user.


Optimization of code made the site lighter and works fast even having complex functionality.

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