Skating CircleVirtual Community for Ice-Skaters and Fans

  • Webserver: Apache
  • Operating System: Ubuntu
  • Server Side Framework: Ruby on Rails (ROR)

Skating Circle is a virtual community for ice-skaters and fans to share their videos, view original programs, enter competitions, catch exclusive coverage of skating events, create a personal profile and connect with other skating fans. Joining Skating Circle is free.

  • After the user creates an account, it will send an email to the address provided with the registration. User has to open the email and click on the link for authentication verification. Skating Circle staff will remove videos if they do not conform to the posting guidelines; the video uploaded must conform to the site’s video posting policy. The personal information of the users is kept confidential so that they can enjoy the experience and learn without feeling insecure.
  • As an unregistered user you will have access to some parts of the site, but you will not be able to upload video, leave comments or votes, share a profile with friends or use the invitation functions. Most of the information it asks for is optional, so the registration process can be as simple and speedy as the user may prefer. Before one can log in, one must create an account and validate email address.


Challenges encountered when building the project

  • The concept of the website was not finalized and there were late changes brought to us by the client
  • Data had to be imported from a legacy data source
  • Performance issues


  • We discussed with the clients about the late changes which would happen and this was finalized in the following areas
    • UI changes, which were handled by incorporating a concept of theme
    • Adding functionality was handled by keeping the design modular
  • We built a custom ETL to handle the data import from the legacy site.


The end result was a high performance site using the Ruby on Rails stack. The website was initially deployed on Heroku, but later migrated to a larger EC2 instance on Amazon AWS

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