Spotlight Plugin for DDBWordPress plugin which serves the same purpose as the DDB site.


a) Offers: Manage information of offers or deals.
b) Coupons: Manage information of coupons associated for all deals.
c) Orders: Manage details of orders placed through users for the site. Orders are categorized as Current
Orders, Paid Orders and Unpaid Orders.
d) Users: Manage information of users associated with the site.
e) Partners: Manage information of partners (merchants) associated with the site.
f) Settings: Manage Settings of site like location, time zone, header and footer logo , themes, email content etc.


WordPress, PHP, MYSQL


Spotlight Plugin for DDB is a WordPress plugin which serves the same purpose as the DDB site. DDB stands for Daily Deal Builder. This product is all about creating deals with some discount if minimum numbers of deals are purchased. DB deals with many number of sites located on different servers.

Each created deal will have a start date and expiration date. A deal is live only at its start date & time depending on the time zone assigned by the admin. DDB includes the concept of Groupon. A deal is known to be successful only if minimum number of users purchase that deal.

If minimum number of people is not reached before expiration of the deal, it is regarded as a failure. When a deal is a successful one, coupon voucher are generated and mailed to the purchaser. The user can go and redeem that particular voucher.

A deal can be created in a particular city as well and it will be available for that city only. DDB also keeps a track of deals that have expired. Those deals are listed under “Recent Deals”. There is one more user role i.e. Merchant. Users who join site as merchant get rights to add a new deal but they cannot enter start date.

The deal created by a merchant user goes to admin where admin can create start/end date and make a deal live. A merchant has some of the admin rights too but with limited access. We have three roles in DDB for DDB plugin – admin and user.


a) User can view current offers and make a payment. But the amount will be deducted only if deal is successful i.e. minimum number of people have ordered that deal else nobody gets the deal.
b) User can view expired deals under “Recent Deals”
c) Users can invite their friends to join the site. Users can also subscribe to get notification mail whenever a new deal is added.
d) Users can manage their account, personal information and can view information of vouchers.


Creating daily deals  is a bit tough process from admin end. Client wanted an easy way to create deals instantly.


We created this plugin which enables creating deals on your site and offers various other features.


This plugin worked as an added advantage to daily deals builder platform

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