Vines OSWinery eCommerce and wine club software


Vines OS is integrated with FedEx and UPS for real-time shipping cost lookup. There’s no need to create or set up complicated tables for shipping zones and lose money on shipping, or worse, lose orders because shipping costs are simply too high. In addition, Vines OS calculates the shipping upfront so that your buyers can see it before going through the entire checkout process.

Vines OS specializes in building “search engine friendly” pages for your website. After your site is live, typically within a couple of weeks you will start to see rankings for your most important keywords. Vines OS helps you figure out what they should be, based on research we do on your keywords, what you produce, and your location. Vines OS shows you how to do more search engine optimization yourself, if you want to do additional pages, or target other keywords that have high traffic associated with them.

This initial training is included in the setup cost. Vines OS will send you weekly website ranking reports showing you exactly where your site is ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing for your relevant keywords.

Vines OS is responsible and responsive. There is no third-party involved, there is never anyone else to point to for problem solving – if there’s ever an issue, Vines OS usually reply and solve it within 24 hours, if not sooner. Vines OS manages your design, your website, your hosting, your e-mail, and your search engine rankings.

You never need to figure out whom to go to for what it’s all under one roof.


Vines OS provides you an ecommerce website that features an easy to use administration area, and secure hosting. In short, it is everything you need to sell your wine online. Manage compliance such as ship-to states, configure prices and club discounts, create online tasting notes, and start selling.

Member Manager

You can manage multiple wine clubs and set member discounts with tiered levels. Your members can also purchase online and receive their discounts without even having to login. Vines OS helps you promote your events online, sell tickets and fill empty seats. You can also get your site found in Google and convert visitors to buyers for more direct wine sales.

Marketing & SEO

You can easily manage the Meta tags and content that search engines are looking for.

Easy Checkout

Your customers don’t need to create an account or login to buy wine. (Up to 75% of people who are ‘forced to register’ on checkout will abandon their cart.) With our proprietary checkout system, members still get their discounts without having to log in. It’s all online.

Fully Hosted

No complicated software to install or per-computer licensing fees. Login from anywhere, anytime, on any browser! Your site is on the cloud, and your pages are delivered.

Custom Design

Vines OS is not limited to what we can do in our designs for we are not template based. Your design can be as creative or minimalist as you desire. The sky is the limit. Vines OS can take up an existing design, or we can create a custom design tailored exactly to suit your needs and specifications. Vines OS does it all for you – we don’t tell you to send us CSS files (nor do we expect you to even know what this means), or head to an outside design firm. Vines OS is a one-stop shop.


This project included many mini projects within and ultimately all had to be intact and interlinked together. The target users here were wineries who would be using the application to set up their own online wine shops. We had to comply by many security standards plus the biggest challenge was to master every field in the project, may it be web designing, development, compliances, hosting or search engine optimization.


We built the app using Seagull framework which is highly mature OOP framework for building best web, command line & GUI applications. This was the best choice for this app.

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