Worksnapper – Remote Employee Tracking SoftwareTrack employee or a contractor’s work on Desktop


Some of the major reports to track them are

  • Snapshot report
  • Employee Work Hour Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Project Report

Above mentioned reports are used to track the employees with different reports(i.e. with pictures reports or work hour report or time sheet report etc) . Project Invoicing can be done easily by effective tracking. The number of billable hours and invoices can be generated based on the number of hours billed.


Overview helps the organizations to track employee or a contractor’s work on his desktop. This Application automatically takes a screenshot of the workstation at stipulated times thus allowing the manager to view the activity of those working employees during their working hours.

The Images will be taken from the webcam and other tools too. Global position system (GPS) monitoring makes a real time position tracking and it is an effective way to monitor and to track the employees. This GPS system will capture the picture of the employee and their working location and also these snapshots will be shared with all the departments or the company authorities.

Work Snapper Mobile application captures the location of the employee thus making sure that they are at right place at right time .So ,the management can easily control their workers or employees. Employees can post their comments on the task and providing a status update on the allocated task. It allows your managers as well as the clients to view the reports of the employees on the move.

It empowers the managers in the organization to gather and analyze complete information related to employee through various reports. This is not only for the employees but also for their company premises and for any type of unexpected danger like any fire accident or any theft etc. The system will take the snap based on those the management and machines and every employee would be at safe side.


Tracking remote employees has always been a challenge. There a system is needed which can be run i the background when a remote employee is working on his desktop.


We developed WorkSnapper software which with the help of internet runs in the background and keeps capturing the snapshots of the windows employee is working.


Employer can check reports from the admin login and keep a close eye on remote employees performance.

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